Server Room Environmental Monitoring

Server room environmental monitoring is an often overlooked but important part of facilities management. If your building hosts a data center, installing a proper server room temperature monitoring system can dramatically increase your energy efficiency. There are now high tech IT sensors available that can accurately monitor the room temperature. The data from the server system can be integrated with the data center’s air handler controls through the building’s IT network. giải pháp iot

Maintaining proper temperature and humidity control is essential to the functioning of any computer room or data center. High temperatures or humidity levels can shorten the life cycle of expensive equipment and can cause downtime or even failure of critical network systems. A temperature monitoring system can help you to reduce your energy costs as well as avoid emergency repairs.

Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Most data center cooling systems use direct-expansion refrigeration cooling coils or air handlers with chilled water cooling coils. These systems generally monitor the temperature using return air temperature sensors to adjust the air temperature supplied to the sever room. This is not the most effective method for monitoring because of the location of the sensors. A more accurate method of temperature monitoring would be to use front-panel, inlet temperature sensor data.

How to Best Monitor Server Room Temperature

Computer servers can now take data provided from your server cooling environmental monitoring system and send it to your facility management system. The facilities management system can then determine operating set points for the data center cooling system. This can help to greatly reduce your energy consumption.

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